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Off Duty Police Officer
Title:Off Duty Police Officer
Job Status:Part Time (<30 hrs.)
Department:Security Services Division
Location:Chicago, IL
Starting Salary:$22.00 Hourly
Security Dynamics Corp. 
Employment Opportunity Notice
Armed Security Officer (Commuter Rail Hub) – Off Duty Police Officer
Chicago, Illinois

Job Title
  • Armed Security Officer (Commuter Rail Hub) – Off Duty Police Officer (part-time)
Job Location(s)
  • Chicago, Illinois
Job Schedule/Hours

  • Weekdays 0530 - 1230 Hrs
  • Weekdays 1400 - 2200 Hrs
  • Saturdays 0800 - 1600 Hrs
  • Candidates must be available for at least 18-hours monthly, but may not exceed 30 hours weekly
Job Summary
Security Dynamics Corp., Chicagoland’s premier private security and private detective agency, is accepting applications for the position of Armed Security Officer – Off Duty Police Officer at Chicago, Illinois at a commuter rail hub.
Licensed in Illinois and Indiana, Security Dynamics Corp. specializes in the offering of professional law enforcement officers for armed security services, patrol services, private investigations, including surveillance investigations, process serving, and executive protection.
The successful candidate must be a charismatic, highly-motivated police officer with the ability to work in a team environment and independently as needed. The ideal candidate is an active duty police officer currently employed in a state, county, or local government law enforcement agency with a well-developed law enforcement career.  Key attributes include integrity, honesty, and humility, balanced with tenacity, perseverance, commitment to quality, a warrior spirit when appropriate, and unparalleled customer service skills. 

This is a part-time employment opportunity open only to active duty police officers. 
"Police officer" means (i) any person who by virtue of his office or public employment is vested by law with a duty to maintain public order or to make arrests for offenses, whether that duty extends to all offenses or is limited to specific offenses, or (ii) any person who, by statute, is granted and authorized to exercise powers similar to those conferred upon any peace officer employed by a law enforcement agency of this State.

Essential Functions
  • Patrols assigned areas by foot.
  • Answers call for assistance, including investigation of crimes, deaths, accidents, and injuries.
  • Conducts initial and follow-up investigations.
  • Enforces, controls, and directs traffic when appropriate.
  • Performs arrests for criminal violations of law.
  • Testifies in court or administrative hearings.  
  • Administers first aid in emergency cases.
  • Investigates suspicious circumstances.
  • Takes custody of stolen, lost, or found property or evidence and forwards it to the appropriate authority.
  • Performs crowd control as needed.
  • Takes crime prevention measures and assists in controlling problems as they relate to the client.
  • Furnishes information and directions to the public.
  • Submits complete written reports and other documents as may be required.
  • Participates in required training courses and programs.
  • Performs other functions as directed by a supervisor.
Knowledge of:
  • The principles, methods, materials, equipment, and techniques of peace officers.
  • State and federal statutes and case law covering the laws of arrest, search, and seizure, and use of force.
  • Occupational hazards and standard safety precautions.
  • Company policies, procedures, rules, and regulations.
  • Office procedures, methods, and equipment including computers and applicable software applications.
  • Customer service principles and techniques.
  • English usage, spelling, grammar, and punctuation.
Ability to:
  • Prepare clear and concise activity and incident reports.
  • Interpret, apply, and make decisions in accordance with applicable federal, State, and local policies, laws, and regulations.
  • Analyze emergency situations and adopt quick, reasonable and effective courses of action.
  • Respond to requests and inquiries from the clients and the general public.
  • Lift and move objects of moderate to heavy weight.
  • Maintain a calm and professional demeanor at all times.
  • Participate in the high level of customer service to internal and external stakeholders.
  • Operate office equipment including computers, telephones, and certain software.
  • Demonstrate an awareness and appreciation of the cultural diversity of the service location.
  • Communicate clearly and concisely, both orally and in writing.
  • Establish and maintain effective working relationships with clients, peers, and the public.
General Standards:
  • A United States citizen or qualify as a permanent resident alien who is eligible and has applied for citizenship.
  • High school diploma or equivalent required, but college degrees preferred.
  • Must be at least 21 years of age at time of hire.
  • Not convicted of any felony in any jurisdiction or other crimes of moral turpitude.  Conviction of crimes other than felonies may be used in determining moral character, but may not necessarily constitute an absolute bar to employment, except where the applicant is a registered sex offender.
    • Active duty police officer with at least 5 of law enforcement experience.
    • Possess a valid driver’s license;
    • If a resident of the State of Illinois, possess a valid Firearm Owner’s Identification Card, or any prerequisite similar firearm credential if not an Illinois resident;
    • Provide proof of police officer status at time of employment, annually thereafter, or more frequently as may be required to comply with Illinois law;
    • Submit to and successfully pass a pre-employment background investigation, d drug/alcohol testing, medical exam, and pre-employment psychological, as may be required.
    • Submit to and successfully pass the e-RAILSAFE background investigation;
    • Submit to and successfully pass all training requirements;
    • As a condition of continued employment, employees must maintain their status as an active-duty police officer, and all other related licenses or certifications. Including a driver’s license and FOID card
General Standards:
  • High school diploma or equivalent required, but college degree preferred.
Physical Demands and Working Environment
Environment:  EXPOSURE to extreme cold, heat and humidity working outdoors, temperature swings from indoors to outdoors; extreme noise of traffic, sirens, firearms, mechanical hazards of factory or shipping environments, equipment, electrical hazards of traffic accidents, power line; explosive hazards of traffic collisions, weapons, chemicals; radiation hazards of industrial accidents, traffic collisions, fumes, odors, and dust.  Work is performed both indoors and outdoors and in offices, buildings, and automobiles. Work environment is formal, both team-oriented and autonomy-oriented having both routine and variable tasks, high pressure, variably-paced.  Work hours may vary depending upon the needs of the client.
Physical:  CONTINUOUS transporting up to 30 lbs.; working outdoors in all weather conditions.  FREQUENT reaching at shoulder height, upward and downward flexion of neck; side-to-side turning of neck; lifting up to 10 lbs. below at waist level; strong or power grasps of evidence, property, suspects; tight grasp, wrist, and arm movement to manipulate baton; fine manipulation of paperwork; light grasp and finger control of radio and telephone; moderate grasp, reach, and manipulation of steering wheel.  OCCASIONAL walking, standing, sitting, bending, and stooping, squatting, crawling, climbing, reaching above shoulder height, kneeling, pushing/pulling, twisting at waist; lifting of items weighing from 11 to over 100 lbs. below and at waist level, either with or without assistance; transporting items weighing 26 – 50 lbs. for distances up to 50 yards without assistance; transporting items weighing from 51 to over 100 lbs. for 30 – 50 yards with or without assistance; reach, grasp, finger strength and manipulation to operate firearms.  INFREQUENT balancing above ground; lifting or items weighing 11 to over 100 lbs. from chest to above shoulder level, either with or without assistance. 
Communication:  SPEAKING by using telephone, radio, and personal contact.  WRITING of activity records and incident reports.  READING of reports, legal material, and other company material. 

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